Youth Programs

We'd Like To Grow With Your Youth Group!

We think your team should spend more time connecting with your group and less time administrating the activities, special events and fund raising initiatives!  Raise money for special activities, equipment, travel, improved facilities or sponsoring people in the community that struggle to afford the fees.  

Our 'tool box" has lots of goodies that will help you organize fundraising, assign jobs to volunteers and staff, and through e-commerce increase your "sphere of influence" by managing your social media reach.  Tell the story in the newsletter and first response messages, respond again for confirmations and a final thankyou for participation.  

Through the e-commerce take donations, pledges and provide personal participation e-commerce solutions to the active particpants.  It`s easy to upload existing data and contact lists, then quickly get busy connecting through email and social media telling the story in realtime!

We Want To Play With Your Organization!

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