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My Fund Partner is a powerful "online" tool that will organize, promote, interact and track all your events for the university.

Manage each event, assigning administaration duties for volunteers, venue management, sales, marketing, social media applications with online e-commerce.  Take the past years of information, participants and volunteers and upload them easily into "your website" then get busy!.  Predesign first contact emails, confirmation emails and thank you responses all in one program.
Administration of all the events, programs, excursions and fund raising functions requires detailed organization of staff, volunteers and suppliers.  We have a 24/7 solution that will allow your university to deligate administration duties, plan, promote, and organize functions with online e-commerce in real time!

My Fund Partner can help you increase your "sphere of influence" while increasing efficiencies for precious volunteer and staff hours through direct software management of social media applications, online reponse systems with tracking software that will allow you to react quickly.
We Want To Raise The Bar In Fund Raising With Your University!

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