Special Needs

What Do You Want?

Do you or your group have a special goal for your community?  We can help!  Heros come in all shapes and sizes, and if you and your peers have a special program or project that you've invision for your community we can be your online answer to administration, planning, organizing, scheduling, promoting, selling and running the events or projects to successfully achieve your vision.

If you already have contacts and data, upload the information easilty and get busy quickly connecting to your team, and the community.  Our software will allow you to tell the story through newsletters, email and social media in realtime all the time!

The administration program will allow you to delegate the jobs, post schedules, post tasks, while connecting everyone in an online environment that you manage through simple to use tools.  

Increasing your "sphere of influence" is key to the success of your vision!  My Fund Partner can help you expand your influence while reducing precious volunteer and staff hours in administration tasks allowing you to redirect those precious hours to additional uses.

We Like Partnering With Heros!

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