Service Clubs

Connection to Your Community Just Got Easier!

With My Fund Partner your "Sphere of Influence", in your community, will grow!

Upload your existing data quickly and conveniently and you're ready to go. Newsletters, social media, emails all administered in easy steps to the special groups you want to connect with in realtime.

Connect to your volunteers with jobs, scheduling, updates, and new tasks in an online environment. Share the tasks through sophisticated admistration tools, where program co-ordinators, event co-ordinators and team leaders are connected to the organization online all the time.

Receive donations, fees, sponsorships, pledges, and sales for events on-line where convenience for your audience is 24/7.

Send out first response emails and messages, confirmations and thankyous as the event progresses! Managing communication with your neighbour has never been easier. Encourage your audience to stay connected!

This time saving software will give you back lots of those precious volunteer hours for you to redirect to the projects and programs not the administration!

Let Our Team Show Your Team What We Can Deliver!

For more information please view the attached slide show!

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