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Managing all the events, excursions, campaigns, meetings, fund raising and special interest groups in your school requires a dedicated team of staff plus volunteers to be successful! The administration of all this activity requires communication. coordination, scheduling, and marketing to achieve success in each initiative!

My Fund Partner is an on line answer to organizing the activities, communication, administration, marketing and merchant services your school needs to deliver information through newsletters, email and social media in realtime. Online 24/7, your web site, hosted by My Fund Partner, will be available to all your admistrators, staff and volunteers creating a "ready when you are" environment for organizing, marketing and selling.

Increasing your "Sphere of Influence" has become the key to success for most event and fund raising goals! Online donations, sponsorships and pledges are key to reaching your audience when it's convenient for them to respond to your requests. Using first response, confirmation and thank you emails are at your touch with our communication software. Get started quickly and easily by uploading your data history of contacts and information into My Fund Partner people management software. Customize newsletters, upload pictures and stories quickly and easily for realtime communication and responses! To learn more see the slide show now!

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