Sustainable Support Solutions!

Sponsoring community inititives just got easier!  If your foundation is looking for "sustainable solutions" for community organizations and projects we can help!

My Fund Partner is a one-stop solution for online administration, communication, promotion and e-commerce for community inititives.  Our software allows any non-profit or charitable organization to "live" online in realtime.  Sponsoring your organization of choice with My Fund Partner software will empower them to do more, more effeciently.

The organization you sponsor will be able to administrate, communicate, organize, promote, sell and respond to all stakeholders as they grow towards their vision.  The administration program will allow them to delegate responsibilities for events, programs and fund raising quickly communicating immediate information to staff and volunteers in an online environment 24/7 giving them realtime response and information.

The e-commerce solution will provide them a platform to receive donations, sponsorship, pledges and sales virtually increasing their "sphere of influence" in the community, the key to successful campaigning.  
The communication portion of the software will allow them, through newsletters, email and social media, to increase awareness of their vision and projects in realtime.  They can customize first response, confirmation and thankyou emails to special groups and participants quickly and easily.

We Want To Help You Help! 

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