How Many Events and Fund Raising Intiatives Do You Have?

Organize all your school initiatives for the whole year, special, annual, community or staff events.  Increase your sphere of influence and get more participation, raise more funds and include as few or as many participants as you wish through powerful communication and e-commerce tools.

With My Fund Partner you can upload your historic data easily into our software environment to get started quickly administrating, planning, organizing, promoting, and selling on line in realtime through newsletters, social media and email.  Delegate administration duties to staff and volunteers, while scheduling the event, post support jobs and tasks, then track the progress.
Managing events and fund raising initiatives with My Fund Partner will allow you to maximize efficiencies with your staff and volunteers allowing you to reallocate those precious hours to other tasks.  We are a 24/7 solution for online management, communication and reponse to help you reach your goals!

Imagine All Those Events Organized In A Single Online Solution!

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