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Imagine! Everything you need to stay in touch with your congregation, volunteers, staff, and directors.

A one stop solution for running events, fundraisers, schedule workshops, suppers, bake sales, socials, camps, picnics, and special services. Upload your existing data quickly and easily, then get started communicating with easy to use social media tools and email. Create first response, confirmation, and thank you letters for all your communication. With the venue mangement tools you can schedule your facility with its many uses, weddings, funerals, socials etc... Imediately request volunteers for special events, post jobs, and track the progress. Post newsletters, tell the stories, as they happen, keeping every one informed in real time through email and social media increasing your "sphere of influence". Post community jobs, match volunteers and the needs of your congregation. The e-commerce merchant services will allow you to do online donations, sponsorships, participation pledges, and personal quests plus you can add special programs and registrations in your store for camps, tickets for socials or products that support your congregation.

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