Designed specifically for individuals or small businesses to do something great for their favorite cause. Do something personally or as a team! Sell a product or create an event and sell tickets! If you'd like more information click here to view the slide show!

Here's how it works!


Request a Quest. Simply click on "Start Personal Quest" and fill in the details and we'll be in touch with you quickly.


Provide My Fund Partner (MFP) with the connection information for the organization of choice making sure to verify whether they are a non-profit, charity or other. If the benefactor has the ability to provide charitable receipts the benefactor will need to provide them to the donors after completion of the Quest. MFP will provide the merchant services for your event and deduct the merchant services fees. MFP will provide the benefactor a cheque from the proceeds of your event less the merchant services fees of 6%. Their are no other costs to use this great tool that will help raise funds faster.


My Fund Partner will provide you with a user name and password that will allow you to create your own web page in our system to promote your personal quest.


Go get busy! Have fun! Make Noise! Contact your family and friends! Send out the web page to the world with My Fund Partner!

If you have any questions or are in need of support please e-mail or call 1.800.790.9272 Ext 101