Manage Events

You can increase awareness, assist volunteers, support participants with live connected responses including online pledges, with robust sponsorship communication tools and online sales.

My Fund Partner (MFP) event management software provides event planners with a complete solution to increase event attendance and decrease event planning and operational costs by automating the event management processes.

MPF software enables you to focus your time on strategic decisions rather than doing repetitive, time consuming tasks, It also empowers your team to communicate, collaborate and initiate their accountabilities instantly and fully.

Event Management Features

MFP event software encompasses a flexible assortment of all the tools that will easily take your events and meetings to the next level of success, no matter what size the event may be.

Event Registration

  • Event Email Marketing
  • Secure Online Payment Processing
  • Housing and Travel Management
  • Contact Management
  • Event Budget Management
  • Custom Event Websites
  • Event Workflow Management
  • Event Calendar
  • On-Site Functionality
  • Event Reporting
  • Event Data Security
  • Event Support & Training
  • Professional Services
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