About Us

Succeeding in fulfilling your mission in the community requires support, presence, relationships and dedication. A team of volunteers, staff, directors and management have a variety of tasks to perform to be successful.

There are hundreds of tasks that need to be accomplished to reach the desired outcome. Managing relationships with members, donors, sponsors, community participants, volunteers and key stakeholders has become a key to longterm relationship traction.

The key to social integration within your community is My Fund Partner. Connect to "all" stakeholders quickly, broaden fundraising methods, empower your supporters to manage their social network to raise more money and do all this with decreased costs.

We have over 52 years of community management experience participating as foundation directors, organization directors and management, building sport organizations, building community special needs teams and creating the intellectual technology for robust online deployment of systems that quickly respond to the needs of the stakeholders.

We are a 24/7 technology answer to integrate your organization into the community you serve.


Anthony Pasto - President

22 years of dedication building one of the largest sports organizations for ball hockey in Canada operating in 5 cities by partnering in Private Public Partnerships. His years of dedication and participation in community initiatives has given him a deep understanding of the needs and support that non-profit organizations require to be successful.

Dave Fowler – Director

For 30 years Dave has been a director of non-profit and charity groups, a large foundation dedicated to grass roots charity organizations, and new initiatives in creating sustainable processes. He has had extensive experience in the "business" of community integration, successful fundraising initatives, and cooperative alliances.

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